Experts in pain management

Our doctors have over 20 years’ experience in the pain medicine specialty and we use a multidisciplinary approach to treat patients suffering from persistent chronic pain

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We offer a diverse range of procedures

  • Spinal injections for back pain
  • Medial branch blocks for face joint pain
  • Pulsed radiofrequency neurotomy for back, neck and hip pain
  • Spinal cord and subcutaneous stimulation implantation for chronic back and leg pain
  • Chemical lumbar sympathectomy to reduce leg and foot pain due to poor blood circulation
  • Epidural steroid injections to reduce pain associated with nerve root
  • Protein-rich plasma/autologous blood injections for knee pain
  • Radiofrequency neurotomy for facet joint pain
  • Stellate ganglion block to relieve pain in the head, neck, upper arm and upper chest

How we help

Pain is different for everyone. Our doctors will review your medical history to understand the best pain management treatment for you, which may include a combination of:

  • Medication to manage your pain
  • Psychological approach, including counselling
  • Exercise and physiotherapy
  • Interventional procedures (ranging from nerve blocks to spinal cord stimulators)
  • Diagnostic/therapeutic blocks such as proactive discography, medial branch blocks and epiduroscopy
  • Injections such as greater/lesser occipital nerve blocks, trigger point injections and prolotherapy
  •  Autologous blood injections
  • Injections for pain management

Our Specialist Pain Medicine Physicians


Dr Cillian Suiter


Dr Cillian Suiter is an Irish-trained Pain Specialist and Anaesthesiologist. Cillian also has a post-graduate diploma in Patient Safety and Healthcare Simulation from the National University of Ireland Galway, a Certificate in Clinical Research from Harvard University, and is currently in the process of completing a Masters's in leadership at the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin.

Cillian completed his specialist anaesthesia training in Ireland and went on to do 2 years of specialist fellowship training in Ireland at Tallaght University Hospital, St Vincent’s University Hospital and the Mater University Hospital. He is interested in all aspects of chronic pain management and is currently working with Ass Prof. Marc Russo and Dr Willem Volschenk at Hunter Pain Specialists for further sub-specialist experience in advanced pain management techniques.

Dr Marc Russo

Dr Marc Russo


Dr Marc Russo is the Director of Hunter Pain Specialists, Hamilton Day Surgery Centre, Genesis Research Services and Co-Director of the Innervate Pain Management Program.

He developed Australia’s first private multidisciplinary pain management model. Using this approach with clinical diligence, early intervention, education and research in the field of pain management, Dr Russo successfully treats patients suffering from chronic persistent pain.

Dr Russo specialises in spinal cord stimulator implantation and completed two successful world-first spinal cord stimulator device implantations in Newcastle in 2011. He treats patients with a wide range of interventional pain medicine approaches, including a combination of pharmacotherapy and systems approaches.

Dr Willem Volschenk

Dr Willem Volschenk


Dr Willem Volschenk consults in pain medicine through Hunter Pain Specialists at Broadmeadow in Newcastle and Tuggerah on the Central Coast. He operates at Hamilton Day Surgery, Lingard Private Hospital and Newcastle Private Hospital.

Dr Volschenk completed his postgraduate Specialist Anaesthetic training in Natal, becoming a Fellow of the South African College of Anaethetists. He acquired his postgraduate Australian Anaesthetic and Pain Management Fellowships in Australia, holding a dual fellowship in both Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia.

Dr Volschenk is the supervisor of training for pain medicine at Hunter Pain Specialists, an accredited training site for the Fellowship of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthesia.